The Ship Solutions Ltd company carries out maintenance, repair, adjustment and installation of the shipboard equipment and systems, supply spare parts to ship mechanisms.

Installation and service of fire extinguishing systems Clean Agent FS49C2, Carbon Dioxide CO2 and Clean Agent FS227. Replacement of Halon 1301 systems.

Our partner in the fire protection is a Swedish company Brassbell Fire Protection Technology (BFPT).

Pipe works.

Repair and service of electrical, hydraulic, ventilation and refrigeration systems.

Repair of main and auxilliary engines, gearboxes.

Repair of deck machinery and ship`s auxilliary machinery.


Industrial welding constructions manufacturing. Contact:


Ship Solutions OÜ teostab teenused: Laevaseadmete, -mehhaniismide ja -süsteemide valmistamine, kontrollimine, remontimine ja katsetamine, varuosade tarnimine laeva mehhanismidele.

Ship Solutions OÜ tegeleb erinevate tulekustutussüsteemide projekteerimise, valmistamise, müümise, hooldamise ja paigaldamisega. Meie tooted on suunatud mere objektidele.


Meie metallkonstruktsioonide osakond on spetsialiseerunud tööstuslike keevituskonstruktsioonide tootmisele.



Manager / Juhataja - Mr. Georgi Bogdanov


Estonian Maritime Administration Certificate N 374


Requisits: Ship Solutions OÜ, Reg. nr. 10066690, VAT nr. EE100847901

Postal address: Tammsaare 72-32, 13413 Tallinn, Estonia

Phones: +372 6050998, +372 56608938

Fax: +372 6050958



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