Shipboard equipment maintenance, repair, adjustment and installation

Service and repair of all types of the ship’s equipment and mechanisms.

Troubleshooting of the ship’s Air Conditioning / HVAC / Chiller / Refrigeration systems.

Gaseous fire-extinguishing systems installation and service.

Experience since 1996

Ship Solutions company carries out maintenance, repair, adjustment and installation of the shipboard equipment and systems, supply spare parts to the ship mechanisms. We operate in South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Installation and service of fire extinguishing systems Clean Agent FS49C2, Carbon Dioxide CO2 and Clean Agent FS227. Replacement of Halon 1301 systems.

We also offer ship’s gaseous fire extinguishing systems service and inspection.

Our partner in the fire protection is a Swedish company Brassbel Fire Protection Technology (BFPT)

Gaseous extinguishing systems technologies


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